Hi there!

Luis here and I have a passion for food and photography, leveraging my skills and experience to create minimal yet striking images.

My initiation into the world of food photography was years in the making - starting in high school. There, Photography was my favorite class and I learned about the long history of the art form and the various techniques using film. 

Many years later, while working in the nutrition field and being constantly surrounded by delicious food, I picked up a camera once again. It was inevitable that I would choose food as my primary subject. 

My dream project is to photograph your cookbook!

Food Philosophy

I believe that we begin eating with our eyes, even before the first bite.

I believe that food has deep emotional roots that go beyond health and nourishment; it is also how we express our identities and connect with our culture and communities.

I believe no food should be labeled "good" or "bad", each choice has a place and time.

Professional Background

I have been a Registered Dietitian for over 7 years, receiving my undergraduate degree and M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from Florida International University, and completing a Graduate Certificate in Food Writing and Photography from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg.

I have extensive experience working in clinical settings and managing large scale food service operations. My career has also taken unconventional turns in the world of food communications and public relations with the top agencies from around the country. 

I’m a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and member groups, including Latinos and Hispanics in Nutrition and Dietetics, Cultures of Gender and Age, Food and Culinary Professionals, and Nutrition Entrepreneurs. I am also a proud member of the Diversify Dietetics community.

Born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Miami, FL, I now reside and work in Chicago, IL. When I'm not eating, I like to read about history or nerd out on the latest science.

Podcast Appearances

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